Scams and Fraud

Scams and Fraud

With more and more people looking for love online, police caution the best approach is never to give someone money. It started with a Facebook conversation with a stranger, then progressed to Skype exchanges, declarations of affection and promises to meet up in person. With people increasingly looking for love online, RCMP are warning Canadians to protect their wallets as well as their hearts. The victims are largely in their mids to late 50s, with each gender as likely to fall prey to scams, said Sgt. Guy-Paul Larocque. Louise said they spoke for months before the man asked for money, and even then, it was small amounts, purportedly to help him deal with unexpected expenses related to his exporting business, she said. Over time, those expenses ballooned and he began asking for tens of thousands of dollar at a time, vowing to reimburse her, she said. The financial loss has meant pushing back retirement, said Louise, adding the bank put limits on her credit. She has also had to leave her home in Fort MacMurray, Alta.

Romance fraud scams: be vigilant!

A subject was identified and was to make restitution. Nothing was reported stolen. If you see a crime in progress, call If you have information regarding an incident, phone the Oceanside RCMP non-emergency number at during regular office hours a. Outside of business hours, phone , extension 7. Read more crime stories here.

High River RCMP Constable Jill Mills is stressing education this Fraud Romance scams: Fraudsters steal photos and use dating sites and.

Romance scams are not quite a consumer issue. But they are a particularly heartless type of fraud. They prey on the kindness of people looking for love. These days, typical romance scams begin online. They routinely involve a practice called catfishing , in which someone creates a fake online identity for the purpose of deception and fraud. Someone who is looking to date finds an appealing profile online on a dating site or app, for example , but the scammer on the other end is not sincerely looking for love.

Sometimes the scammer will meet, and go through the motions of a relationship while taking advantage of the victim. Often, however, the scammer will maintain communication without meeting, and build the illusion that a real, emotional relationship is developing. Ultimately, the scammer will ask for money somehow. In September , according to the Star , the Toronto Police arrested five men in connection with a Canada-wide fraud ring. The charges followed a month investigation.

People are vulnerable when they look for love.

Victims of romance scams reported $19 million lost in 2019

Millions of dollars are lost through frauds and scams. Thousands of people are victimized each year. All segments of the population are impacted, no one is immune from this type of crime and anyone can be a target. We all have role to play in fraud prevention. Many people fall victim to frauds and scams.

A Canada-wide warrant has been issued by Saskatchewan RCMP for romance scams,” said the Saskatchewan RCMP in a press release.

The scams were conducted over a period of two years. It is believed that the five men are tied to an international criminal organization. After two years of investigation, the FSOC Unit suspected five men of conducting romance scams and being tied to an international criminal organization. The FSOC Unit of the Saskatchewan RCMP was investigating an unrelated fraud complaint in January from an individual, whose name was used without permission and knowledge in a fraudulent transaction online.

In the course of the investigation, they discovered that over 50 Canadian bank accounts were involved in online romance scams. Subsequently, the identified bank accounts were investigated using intelligence-based policing such as a series of surveillance operations, numerous interviews, and the acquisition of several judicial authorizations over the following 18 months.

Additionally, the RCMP believe that the suspects are tied to a larger international criminal organization. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 21 via video for a bail hearing. The Saskatchewan Mounties said that the four men could be anywhere in Canada. The RCMP explained that the scammers met the women on game apps and dating websites where they took their time to develop online relationships that felt genuine to the victims.

The women who were victimized by these scammers could have been anyone. Wayne Nichols in a video message online.

Woman charged after 18-month St. Thomas police probe into alleged $150K ‘romance scam’

Saskatchewan RCMP have arrested and charged one man, and a Canada-wide warrant has been issued for the other four. In January of , a complaint was filed with RCMP about a person using someone’s name in a fraudulent online purchase. RCMP say an month investigation led them to more than 50 bank accounts and FSOC identified five suspects living in Regina at the time of the crimes. RCMP believe these men could be anywhere in Canada, and anyone with information about their location is asked to contact local police.

Kelvin Awani, 24, bottom right , Jonah Eigbuluese, 22, top right , Clinton Newton, 27, bottom left and Joshua Ometie, 25 top left are wanted on a Canada- wide warrant.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) claim that Canadians were involved in some kind of online romance scam and combined.

Though I may be bad, I am not unique. So, before the matter goes before the federal courthouse on the lawn? The folks at real Service Canada have heard a lot about this scam. A check with Salmon Arm RCMP reveals the scammers are dumb enough, or, to be kind, bold enough, to even try the arrest scam on those who do the arresting. Scott Lachapelle.

Read more: BBB warns of the 12 scams of Christmas. Contact local police and file a report. Contact your financial institution and credit card company. Contact the two national credit bureaus and place a fraud alert on your credit reports. Always report identity theft and fraud. Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

RCMP warning about dangers of online romance scams

Scammers are capitalising on the vulnerability of those looking for love or companionship to extract significant amounts of money from their victims. The fraudsters typically create enticing profiles on well-known dating websites or social media platforms to lure victims into online relationships. As the relationship continues over time, the scammers build trust with their victim before asking for money under any number of pretences.

Sadly, the greater the trust gained by the fraudster, the greater the losses suffered by most victims. Video quotes by Sgt. GRC rcmp-grc.

Wire transfer fraud – these can include romance scams, where you meet someone online and they ask for money to help their family, get out of a foreign country.

Watch out for a known telephone scam targeting international students in Canada. This scam was recently reported in Ottawa and London but other cities may be affected too. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. These scams can result in:. If you need to apply for an eTA, be careful when you deal with companies that claim to offer help to get one.

Many have websites that charge a fee for information and submitting eTA applications. Websites may claim to be official Government of Canada sites or their partners. Others may claim to offer special immigration deals or guaranteed high-paying jobs. They do this to trick people into paying them money. Some of these sites may try to get you to give them your private information.

This could be used to steal your identity. We hired the research firm, Advanis, to run a client service survey between February 3, and February 28, If we made a decision on your application in , you may get an email invite. It may ask you for private information, such as your date of birth, passwords or credit card details.

Mid-island residents lose $85K in online dating scam

Transfers to a Canadian bank account played a key role in a rare arrest in a romance scam that cost a St. The arrest came 18 months after police launched an investigation in , when the sons of a deceased St. Thomas woman found money was missing from her bank account while settling her estate.

Five men are suspected of being involved in a $2-million online dating scam in Regina. Saskatchewan RCMP have arrested and charged one.

Investigative Correspondent Avery Haines started with the story of a Canadian woman whose online romance turned tragic. Colleen was a year-old woman living in British Columbia and, after leaving her long-term relationship, lost a lot of weight. She was feeling good about herself and started online dating. She met a man named Ryan and the relationship lasted two years.

Ryan claimed to work at an oil rig and was paid in cash in a box that needed to be shipped from Turkey. He asked Colleen if she could just send this money to get the box delivered to her. It went so far that she was bombarded by actors pretending to be ppolice who convinced her she broke the law. She sent Ryan almost one-million dollars. They will meet them on social media usually Instagram or Facebook , or a dating app, and conjure up a romantic relationship with them.

The victim will be so in love that they will send the person thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars.

RCMP say romance fraudsters scammed $2M from British Columbians in 2018

This following information on fraud was prepared to help Canadians recognize, reject and report these scams. Romance fraud scams are done by individuals who create fake profiles on social media and online dating websites with the intention of luring potential victims into online relationships. The goal of the fraudster is to deepen the relationship with their victims to gain their trust and to eventually make financial requests.

The most common scams according to the RCMP in included: Romance scams: Fraudsters steal photos and use dating sites and social.

If the fraud has happened outside of Vancouver, you may be reffered to the police in that jurisdiction. If there is not enough evidence for a criminal charge, you may be referred to civil court. All other financial crimes occurring in Vancouver should be reported through the non-emergency number at Online IdentityTheft and Cybercrime. Reporting a Financial Crime If your situation is an emergency, call Securities Commission if your matter involves a stockbroker or someone selling shares or investments contact the Real Estate Council of B.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Requests for money or personal information – requests by phone or email for money or your personal information, like your name, date of birth, social insurance number, bank account or credit card number. Reputable banks and businesses do not contact clients by phone or email for this kind of information.

Advance payment schemes – requests asking you to pay shipping or administration fees or taxes in advance to secure a loan or job, or to receive lottery winnings, is fraudulent. The cheque will later be found to be fraudulent and the bank will debit your account. Residential rental scams – arrangements made through email or by phone with payment made by wire transfer.

RCMP warn of online dating scams after Canadians lose $17 million in 2016

Fraudsters continue to scam people into sending them money through romance scams. The people behind these types of scams can be very convincing, and it can be easy to mistake them for a legitimate love interest. Check out our top 5 red flags for romance scams and stay wise to the fraudsters behind them. Scammers have also been known to use social media for the same purpose. Here is what you should watch out for:.

Types of frauds and scams. Identity Thefts; Online; Email/text messages; Telemarketing; Business; Mail; Door-to-door; Romance. Watch our video playlist​.

How to spot common consumer or financial scams. If you received an email telling you that someone has filed a complaint against your business or organization with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services MGCS :. If you think you may be a victim of a fraud or scam, there are some key steps you should take immediately to reduce your risk of losing more money, protect your personal information and avoid being scammed again. You can consider taking legal action against those involved in the fraud or scam.

They provide up to one half hour of free legal consultation. In this scam, a con-artist phones and pretends to be your grandchild. The caller will say they are in trouble and need money right away. He or she may say they are in hospital, stuck in another country or have gotten into trouble with the law. The scammer may have looked up personal information about you and your family members, such as names and birth dates, to make their call sound legitimate. To do this, they often:.

A romance scammer uses dating websites, social networking websites or meets in person to defraud people. They communicate using fake photos and profiles.

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