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George Rawlings, Co-Founder of Honeypot, a brand new micro-dating app. The evening was filled with some great stories, and these are the five themes that have really stuck with me:. Everything from the leather used for the lookbook, scents of the hairspray through to the Spotify playlist have all been carefully crafted and overseen by Yulia. They are loyal to experiences. This is even more important in the physical world and something you use regularly. They have several processes in place to prioritise this, including delivery driver on-boarding centres, which drivers visit when they register on the platform.

Honeypot Dating

Some of them like Bumble and Hinge stick around and challenge the status quo. Others like Carrot. Anyone remember Carrot? No — me neither — but Google says it was a thing disappear into the night having failed to find love for their users, or for themselves.

George Rawlings, Co-Founder of Honeypot, a brand new micro-dating app. The evening was filled with some great stories, and these are the.

Today is the release of the next in our Unblocking Success Podcast series, featuring special guest entrepreneur George Rawlings of Honeypot Dating. It was great to have George here in the Pimlico HQ joining host Ashley Mullins for a chat on all things business and the lowdown on that famous publicity stunt. Unlike Tinder, Honeypot specifically reveals single people within a local geo-fence known as the Honeypot.

This allows people to check-in and meet perspective dates within minutes. Talking his path in business, and much more, listen to the podcast here. Looking for plumbing services in London? Our team of experienced and qualified plumbers are available 24 hours 7 days a week , and able to tackle all plumbing challenges — from emergency plumbing to bathroom design and installation. We’re more than just plumbers! From emergency electricians and skilled carpenters in London to blocked drain engineers and expert help installing, repairing and servicing appliances , Pimlico Plumbers is the largest independent service and maintenance company in London — and we’re proud to be celebrating over 40 years of service!

Monday 6th January Pimlico Plumbers.

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Occupying a primarily desk-based job and on a mission to fend off the dad bod, I always try to get out on my lunch break and stretch my legs, so Covent Garden is an incredibly picturesque place to rack up my steps. Who would turn down an expense-free trip to the City of Lights? Seen the whiteboard and stalking me? But it must be said this effort from Rawlings is very clever.

Honeypot definition, a pot, as of glass or silver, for storing and serving honey. group of people: The unregulated dating app was a honeypot for catfishing and.

This morning George, one of the founders of HoneyPot brand new micro-dating app found himself in a bit of a furore on social media. Commuters were greeted to this somewhat embarrassing and public call out from his ‘now’ ex- girlfriend! Last week a new dating app called HoneyPot launched in Clapham. Launching any company, especially in tech is costly. The guys needed to think of way to grab people’s attention, market the app and create some hype without breaking the bank.

Yes, they could have ploughed thousands of pounds into influencer marketing, paying individuals with a high following for posts and content, however with engagement on the decline is it really still worth it? To be discussed at a later date A guerrilla PR marketing strategy which is certainly proving to cause a commotion on the streets of London. This is clearly a PR marketing stunt which works.

Of course it went viral on social media platforms, drawing attention to this new show. Honeypot is a world first micro-dating app. Zero swiping, zero small talk; just spontaneous, real-life, real-time micro-dates moments after matching. We are really looking forward to watching your journey guys!

So you think you can make a dating app? Here’s why it’s not so easy.

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George Rawlings is the founder of Honeypot, a dating app that helps people have spontaneous connections and meet up in places like airports.

From Sifted and others. Delivered 3 times per week. WillYouClick launches in the UK today — a dating app that cuts out the small talk by removing the chat feature. Instead of engaging in awkward online conversation, couples agree to meet at a series of pre-organised events. Even in their boom years, dating apps have struggled to attract big sums.

But Younas predicts many other dating apps will find it difficult to charm venture capital funds. WillYouClick cofounder and CEO Adam Robertson, who is hoping to raise in the upcoming months, says it can be tricky to pitch dating apps to investors. The UK’s general election is seeing dating-tech enter the fray, with left-wing activists running a Tinder bot to boost the Corbyn vote.

But does it really work? Romantic matchmaking moved online years ago, so why are film directors still searching for actors the old fashioned way? By doing so, it hopes to reach profitability quicker than traditional dating apps. With funding in hand, the next struggle for dating app startups is to maintain momentum.

Credit Score and Limit

By Giulia Crouch. Giulia Crouch investigates how to find love on your lunch break. Picture the scene. But you have committed a whole evening to this person. But some savvy singles have come up with the answer. Meet-ups are limited to 15 to 45 minutes only, and certainly never go over an hour.

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It bridges the gap between online dating and meeting someone the old-fashioned way. The whiteboard shown above was left on Liverpool Street in London during morning rush hour. The sign is a fake public shaming aimed at a boyfriend who has allegedly been cheating on the writer. George came clean about the ruse on his Instagram :. This great piece of buzz marketing went down extremely well in our office when someone shared it on Slack. Check out these responses on LinkedIn :.

George bagged himself an extra Instagram followers and his story was viewed 21, times. Whatever you do has to be authentic to your brand. Businesses miss out on adding personality to their brand by not connecting their message with the people behind it. By showcasing the people within the company, you build trust with your audience. Because buzz marketing is super flexible, it can be as low cost or as bougie as you like.

Honeypot only needed a whiteboard and some pens to pull off their great stunt. When your competitors are much bigger than you, a bold, risque brand voice can help cut through the noise and get you on the radar. This is a great example of a brand leveraging pop culture for its own gain.

Entrepreneur saves £9000 with DIY cardboard poster campaign

She was adorable with her Little Rose face half unfolded, and the Honeypot smell of her silken skin. Patsy dismounted from Honeypot and bade Stair Garland get on board. On Stair’s Honeypot rode Patsy, ordering and ranging everything everywhere. This was a negotiation which was better left to Honeypot and Derry Down.

A dating app for the spontaneous. Use Honeypot to meet singles in the very moment they’re free to meet up, or that same day. Zero swiping.

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Honeypot | Today’s Dating App

Kaya Taner and Emma Tracey. Kaya Taner and Emma Tracey, co-founders of Honeypot. The Berlin-based tech recruitment platform has more than 1, clients in Germany and the Netherlands but hopes to expand to 10 European countries in the next three years, including Ireland. Listening to her talk, it sounds like she kept her promise. If, that is, you exclude Antarctica.

She has lived in Colombia , Ghana , South Africa , Australia , the US and Canada , often working for or building up publications and sites that investigate and profile countries for investors.

HELLO HONEYPOT DATING! Love That Media. is looking forward to pairing up and working on this brand new dating app concept currently being.

Startup dating app Honeypot caused a stir on the streets of London last week with its first guerrilla marketing stunt. A whiteboard was propped up outside one of the entrances to Liverpool Street Station, the third busiest railway station in the UK, emblazoned with a fake public shaming. She then wrote that she was breaking up with him, and that his dating app would never be as big as Hinge. Rawlings posted a picture on his profile explaining the campaign which garnered more than 1, likes.

He also gained 1, followers and his accompanying story was viewed 21, times. By pointing out our own vulnerability, we make ourselves look more human and personable than bigger brands. The idea was picked up by Cosmopolitan magazine, which noted it was an ideal way to quickly determine chemistry without committing a whole evening to a stranger. This is designed to create spontaneous dates between singles who are less than a ten minute walk from one another.

Honeypot Dating LTD

Going viral is often considered the holy grail for marketers and content creators. Generating mass exposure for relatively low cost can provide affirmation that your audience genuinely relates to the message or story you are telling. Of course, brands do go viral for the wrong reasons too However, London-based ‘micro-dating‘ app Honeypot might just have found the recipe for viral success, having racked up 1.

We caught up with Honeypot co-founder George Rawlings to hear more about their recent success, the lessons he has learnt, and his advice for how you too can go viral. Read George’s thoughts below or watch the video clips to see his full answers.

To determine threat actors’ degree of knowledge in compromising a smart factory, we deployed our most elaborate honeypot to date.

We use cookies to improve your experience on this site. By viewing our pages, you give us consent to use cookies. Find out more. Oct 29th – Nov 28th A dating app using location-based technology to help everyone meet new people instantly. Honeypot is launching their service across 50 location in London and in 40 universities in the UK. They differentiate themselves by allowing people to meet each other and have conversations face-to-face, rather than primarily through their mobile screen.

This is achieved by connecting with other Honeypot users within a pre-defined radius and planning meet-ups through the app. Revenue will be generated though in-app purchases to access certain functionalities, in addition to a premium membership which will give users unlimited access to features. The company also aim to advertise their product through other businesses and venues.

Visit Pitch on Crowdcube More about Crowdcube. Timothy James Hammond Appointed: George Arthur Charles Rawlings Appointed:

Are you ready for micro-dating? The short and sweet trend to meet your perfect match in minutes

Everyone is looking for real connection when it comes to romance. And in theory, dating apps should make it easier to find that elusive someone — letting the user flick through thousands of faces via the convenience of a smartphone. But the experience can be a little…underwhelming. Apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder mean endless swiping, lots of messaging, and very little chance of actually meeting anyone.

Goodbye swiping. Hello Honeypot, the new location based dating app that brings back fun & spontaneity. Check in & meet singles instantly, with over

Dashboard Insight Explorer Reports. Sign In. Honeypot Dating Ltd is an active company incorporated on 10 September with the registered office located in London, Greater London. Honeypot Dating Ltd has been running for 1 year 11 months. There are currently 2 active directors according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 11th April Active since incorporation.

Last submitted on 11 April 4 months ago. Next confirmation dated 11 April Due by 25 April 7 months remaining. Last change occurred 4 months ago.

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